Treehouse reviews, challenges and mobile app.

Mobile apps that let you learn on the go.

Project Description & Results.


Treehouse was experiencing growth and wanted to expand their mobile development team. They were looking for an Android Developer with Google Play games experience.


I joined and was put to work updating the main Android app and added the most requested feature - course downloads. Then I wrote two other apps for Android called challenges and review. I also transitioned to Mobile Lead and maintained the main Android and iOS apps.


Treehouse unpublished the Mobile Apps, Reviews and Challenges did not get deployed.

Doug Darst - Engineering Manager.

Jon directly Jon is an excellent Android developer and has done a remarkable job of improving the functionality of the Treehouse mobile applications. He consistently brings a positive, can-do spirit to work each day which makes it a pleasure to work with him. Jon doesn’t back away from a challenge and that’s reflected in his success with being the sole developer on three mobile applications for the past year. He’s remained focused on delivering the product roadmap and also paying attention to customer feedback and responding to any issues that arise. I appreciate his proactive communication style and close partnership with cross functional team members.